How to Win Free Money from Online Casinos


Anyone who spends time playing games in virtual casinos can tell you that there is a ton of real money bonuses out there. Playing online slots and table games is always entertaining but when you can grab some free money too, it makes things even more exciting.

No Matter How You Slice It, It's Free Money!

The flashy graphics, cute jingles, and fun themes are great reasons to play some slot machines. However, stumbling upon a casino that is offering a cash promo makes playing even more fun.

No Deposit Bonuses for the Win


There are times when being a newbie really pays off! Many online houses will offer some complimentary cash to new players. All you have to do is create a user account, and the casino deposits a real money bonus for your gambling pleasure - i.e. $25. Just make sure to read the rules and requirements, some bonuses can only be used on specific games, and other stipulations may also apply.

Have Fun with Free Spins

Free spins should not be overlooked! Sure it isn't quite as exciting as a sign-on bonus with cold hard cash in your account, but free spins can get you free money just the same. Take your free spins (i.e. 20 free spins) and head to the slots for a bit of flashy fun. You will also want to double-check where your free spins can be used. More often than not the spins can only be used on a new or specified slot that is being promoted.

The Match is Where It's At

If you are willing to give a little to get a little, then you may be interested in the match bonus. This offer requires you to make a deposit into your account, but be prepared for double trouble because the promo offer matches your contribution with a real money bonus! Do a quick search of the promo page on your favorite online casino, and you may just see a match option. There are usually caps on how much the house is willing to contribute to the cause (i.e. 200% match up to $500), but free money is free money, right?

Raise a Glass to VIP!


Another spectacular way to get a real money bonus is by being a VIP. Many virtual gaming sites have a whole slew of complimentary gifts for those players that are loyal customers and VIP members. Don't let those perks get away. Make sure you are getting the most out of your playing experience by going VIP.

Free Money Bonuses

There is plenty of player perks out there in the online casino world. You just have to know where to look. Just remember to read the terms and conditions at each casino so you don't get caught out and know exactly what you need to do in order to turn your bonus into real money you can withdraw.