5 Free Spins: Bonus Codes & Coupons For Real Money Winnings

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Online casinos are notorious for their slot machines. If they team up with the best gaming software companies like Microgaming they can provide the best titles that players love, and spend hours making spins on and keep them coming back each day. Free spins as bonus prizes are a plus for casinos because they allow players to receive extra chances to receive more money. 5 free spins coupons can take you a long way on an online casino if you are lucky to win. Imagine winning a large amount of money for free and be able to keep what you win.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are great opportunities for players to receive a little extra bonus just by putting in a code at the cashier's desk at your online casino. You don't have to pay extra money for it and as long as you meet the stipulations you don't have to do anything else to use the coupons. For example, if you have a 5 free spins coupon code and want to use it at your favorite slot machine, all you have to do is enter that coupon code in at the casino's cashier window and the free spins will then be applied to whatever slot machine you choose. There are some requirements that you have to go through first but once you complete those requirements to get to keep what you win. The requirements will be explained more further below.

What are free spins

Free Spins are a fun way to take home extra cash without really having to break your pockets or dive into your bank account. If you are at a slot machine or even a progressive jackpot slot machine, a free spin simply means that you can spin on the slot and take a chance at winning and the casino will pay for that spin. For example, if you get a 5 free spins coupon code, that means the casino will pay for five of the turns you take. Unless it's part of the requirements you can use your free spins at any slot machine you choose. Casinos use free spins as promotional tools for recurring players to keep them loyal and coming back and they use it for marketing tools to get new players to join the casino. 5 free spins also give players an opportunity to take a shot at any new game that they have been eyeing without having to risk losing money if they don't like it.

Picking the Right Slots

When it comes to using your bonus free spins coupon, unless the promotion says otherwise, you should be able to use your code on any slot of your choosing. Most casinos will put a stipulation on jackpot slot machines, but other casinos don't seem to mind. Frequent players love to use their 5 free spins coupons on their favorite machine that they know they have a good chance at winning on. Even if that machine only brings you $20 you can keep what you win and still play using the real money you didn't use and possibly win again. Other people may choose a slot that gives the biggest payout and costs more to spin. A 5 free spins coupon would be a great opportunity to try a slot machine like that, again at the cost of the casino. For anyone, it doesn't really matter what machine you use, as long as you get to take home what you win.

Other Ways You Can Get Bonus Coupons

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There are a few ways that you can gain access to a 5 free spins coupon code or any amount of free spin coupons. One way is by joining a casino. Some casinos will gift their new members free spin coupon codes just for joining. Once they sign up, new members have to meet the casino's bonus requirements and they can use the 5 free spins coupon code or however many spins apply. Like mentioned before, online casinos love to do this to entice people to sign up and play. Another way to get free spin coupons is by finding them on affiliate websites. Affiliate marketers for online casinos provide a great deal of 5 free spins coupon codes and hundreds of other types of coupon codes for any casino that the player is a member of. Again, if you win you can just make sure the requirements are met and put the code in at the cashier's area and you can keep what you win.

Another way that players who are in the casino all the time can receive free spin coupons is from the casino itself. If they win a slots tournament, or any tournament at the casino one of the prices could be a 5 free spins coupon. On some occasions, casinos will have a week where players can get the opportunity to play on a new featured game, and to promote it the casino would give out free spin coupons. If they are a member of the casino's loyalty program or VIP program the casino gives out bonuses like free spin codes for joining and for reaching each tier. They also give out those types of coupons as monthly or weekly bonuses in the VIP programs. The higher you reach in levels of the program the more you would receive in free spin coupons and other bonuses.

Requirements to Keep What you Win

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Someone who regularly plays at casinos of any sort knows that nothing at the casino is absolutely free, otherwise, people would go for the same opportunities all the time. To prevent people from abusing free spin coupon opportunities, casinos have wagering requirements. The wagering requirements are terms that you have to meet before you can keep what you win. Those terms are usually the player has to complete so many playthroughs before they can cash out anything they win with that bonus. There are high wagering requirements and low wagering requirements that vary depending on the casino. For example, if you use a bonus free spins coupon at a slot before you can take home anything you win from that, the casino may have a low wagering requirement of 30x playthroughs before you can receive it. Other wagering requirements might consist of putting down a deposit amount for you can keep your winnings.

There are some instances where the casino will only give you a limited amount of time to use your 5 free spins coupon code before it becomes invalid. Another requirement that may occur is that the free spin code may include a deposit bonus also, but the wagering requirements are different for each of the codes. For instance, the wage requirement for the free spin my be high but the requirement for the deposit bonus may be low. While playing at the slot machines you will meet whatever the wagering requirements are in no time.